Wanderlust Wheels is always on the move. An initiative by travel enthusiasts, its main aim is to bring travelers in closest encounters to nature's ever-changing wonders - simply think how a tree looks different in every season. Imagine coming in close encounters with such spectacles of Mother Nature somewhere at 9,000 ft on the Himalayas while you a take a sip of your favorite cuppa.

With the same thoughts, Wanderlust Wheels takes nature lovers on exciting trips to the lesser-known lands. It could be the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas, the verdant charms of a forest, the intrigue of a heritage site or the meadows of some far-off lands - you can even take the liberty to imagine the vast green lands of the Hobbit on Shire in Lord of the Rings – India is blessed with ample of such places. And Wanderlust Wheels promises travelers a visit.

So come, get away from your daily mundane routines and spend the weekends amidst the lap of nature... feel the serenity of a place, spend the nights gazing stars. So get up now, pack up your bags and board on the 'wanderlust wheels' which travel through the changing landscapes to some of the most hidden beauties of planet earth. Come let's explore together and enjoy!

With Himalaya as a backdrop, Nepal has prospered as a diverse and amazing place for trekkers, travelers and pilgrims. It is a true Himalayan kingdom with nine of the world's fourteen highest mountain peaks. It has some of the highest, remotest, rugged and most difficult terrains in the world. Nepal's loftiest peak in the world – Mount Everest and other high peaks like Annapurna, Dhaulagiri and Manaslu, are a treat for the travelers, pilgrims and trekkers.

Wanderlust Wheels will take its wheels into a flying mode this year to the trekking world of the Himalayan kingdom of Nepal with stunning scenery and magnificent mountain ranges.

So do not wait. Join us and follow the footsteps of Edmund Hillary and hike to Mount Everest base camp or ramble through the beautiful Annapurna region. This is the opportunity to trek one of the world's best treks in Nepal and experience that, which you have never had before. You don't need to have trekking experience; only a good fitness level and love for the mountains and adventure will make your journey to the heavenly world – The Himalayas.